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About Me

Welcome to our women-only, female-friendly Facebook group. Boudoir By Olin is a premier boudoir photography studio. This group is for all women to encourage and spread radical self-love and acceptance. It's also for our favorite clients to keep up to date with news, model calls, specials, and give-aways! Follow our work, get inspired, and change the way you see yourself! Boudoir By Olin specializes exclusively in Boudoir Photography for EVERY woman.

Check out our work! www.boudoirbyolin.com  Instagram: @boudoirbyolin

To contact us:
Email: [email protected]
Call or TEXT: (916) 634-1528Schedule a call with the studio today! https://calendly.com/milouandolin/consultationcall

To access our Experience Guide, information on our sessions and pricing, please head to: https://boudoirbyolin.com/experienceinquiry
Get the Sexy Selfie Guide!https://boudoirbyolin.com/selfie-guide

Community Rules

1. Be Kind and Courteous
We believe in a safe and kind environment. Let's treat everyone with respect. Healthy debates are ok, but kindness is a must. Bullying of any kind isn't allowed, and degrading comments are not allowed

2. No Posting Other Photographer's Work
Due to professional courtesy and to avoid photographer confusion as well as to respect other boudoir photographer's intellectual property, you may not promote other boudoir photographers.

3. No Promotions or Spam
Give more than you take to this group. Self-promotion, spam, and irrelevant links aren't allowed unless you have specified permission from Admins. No contest votings. No soliciting, no gofundme's, no fundraising, no asking for donations.

4. Respect Everyone's Privacy
Being part of this group requires mutual trust. Authentic, expressive discussions make groups great, but may also be sensitive and private. What's shared in the group should stay in the group. No sharing, saving or taking screenshots of photos in the group.

5. No Stirring Up Drama
No drama llama. No starting or contributing to rumors, gossiping and creating incidents. No "leaving group" announcements or starting arguments with other members. No excessive posting.

6. No Posting Photo Session Related Issues
All photo sessions or order-related issues must be addressed via email or phone only with Caitlin, Kayla, or Caroline. No pricing, photo session, or order-related issues, posts, or private messages.

7. No Spamming Or Rejoining The Group
No multiple posts in a short amount of time. Once you leave or are removed from the group, you will not be allowed to rejoin the group. No reporting our content to the network

8. No Men, Minors, and Photographers
Only women or those that identify as women are allowed due to the nature of the content. No shared couple accounts for this reason. No minors allowed. No photographers are allowed.

9. No Content Or Photos That Is Not PG13
All content posted should follow community rules. No posting photos that are not safe for work or PG 13, no naked photos, no hand bras, nothing sexual, no bare butts, no nipples, please don't even ask.

10. No Negativity, No Self Shaming, And Body Shaming
We only have space for self-love and acceptance. If you are continuously negative, call yourself fat, judge yourself or others, we will remove you from the group.

Why You Should Join Me

We believe that every single woman deserves to feel beautiful no matter the age, shape, color and size. We believe that every single woman should experience a  boudoir session!

A Big Thanks

To my team, my Hypegirls, my Boudoir by Olin babes, my supporters and all the mighty ladies that have changed the world.

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